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**PLEASE NOTE**  There is a base startup charge for any print.  If you need multiple models printed during the same print job simply note that you have other models to print at the same time in the comments field.  I will contact you for additional details.

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  • PLA (1.75 mm) Green
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Black
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Blue
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Red
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Purple
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Neon Green
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Magenta
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Yellow
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Goldenrod
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Brown
  • PLA (1.75 mm) Glow in the dark, Green
  • ABS (1.75mm) Black
  • ABS (1.75mm) Red
  • ABS (1.75mm) Blue
  • PC+PBT
  • Polycarbonate
  • Maker Select i3
  • Fusion 3 F400